European Renal Best Practice
November 17, 2016

ERBP Guideline on Management of Older Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

In the industrialized world, the average age of dialysis patients is constantly rising. This poses new challenges for nephrology: Older patients have more comorbidities, a different physiology and, of course,  a shorter life expectancy. The latter aspect, especially, may impact therapeutic decisions, for example whether renal replacement therapy should be initiated or conservative treatment be maintained.

To face the challenges posed by this growing subgroup of CKD patients, the European Renal Best Practice Group has now published the “Clinical Practice Guideline on management of older patients with chronic kidney disease stage 3b or higher (eGFR<45ml/min/1.73m2)”, which is now available online at  . “The Guideline intends to provide an evidence-based rationale and, thus, to facilitate informed decision-making on the management of older patients with CKD”, explains Prof. Wim Van Biesen, the European Renal 

Best Practice chairman. Read the interview here