European Renal Best Practice

European Renal Best Practice - Newsletter #2 March 2013

Results Peer review ERPB Transplant Guideline

Our peer review of the new transplant guideline: "ERBP guideline on donor and recipient evaluation and peri-operative care" has been a great success.  648 members of ERA-EDTA, of which 27 also belong to the Descartes group, have sent a reply and completed the SurveyMonkey questionnaire.

Overall, the guideline has been well received, and the majority felt that this guideline will contribute to their daily clinical practice.

In the PDF overview, one can appreciate a mean of all quotations  in the Surveymonkey for the different statements in the guideline, and this each time for different aspects. (on a scale of 1-5: 1 being "I do not agree at all", to 5: "I totally agree")

We expect the finalised guideline to be online by the end of May 2013, and in print end of June 2013.

Pocket versions with all statements will already be available at the ERBP booth (L10) during the ERA-EDTA Congress in Istanbul!