European Renal Best Practice

ERBP Survey - Review the ERBP guideline on kidney donor and recipient evaluation and perioperative care



Dear ERA-EDTA member,

Over the last two years, a working group of European Renal Best Practice (ERBP) has established a guideline concerning the evaluation and preparation of donor and recipient of a kidney transplant, in the pre-transplantation and peri-operative period.

We have now finalized this interesting process, which, as you can imagine, was hard work for all members of the group.

The guideline was developed following a rigorous methodological approach:

  • identification and selection of a representative work group, consisting of experts in transplantation (nephrologists, surgeons, immunologists) and methodologists
  • identification of clinical questions
  • prioritisation of questions
  • systematic literature review and critical appraisal of available evidence
  • formulation of recommendations and grading according to GRADE
  • comparison to existing guidelines, when available
  • suggestions for future research

To avoid ending up with a wordy and lengthy textbook, we followed a strict format to make the final text as concise as possible:

  • why did we ask the question, i.e. what was the clinical problem that we wanted to analyse
  • what did we find in the literature: a short objective and critical report of data available in the literature
  • how did we transfer this in the guideline: a short written report of the discussions and argumentations in the workgroup during the formulation of the recommendation
  • what do other guidelines state on this topic

Below is a link to a survey on these guidelines where you can download the current document.  We would be much enlightened if you could fill this out for us.

This guideline will, after revision, be published in our core journal, Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation.

We hope you appreciate the guidance provided in this document.

D. Abramowicz, chair of the ERBP transplant work group                        
W. Van Biesen, chair of ERBP

F. Claas, P. Cochat, U. Heeman, J. Pascual, co-chairs of the subgroups  

R. Vanholder, president of ERA-EDTA