European Renal Best Practice
Mehmet Sever

Prof. Sever is an expert on renal disaster preparedness, and most of his academic work is concentrated on the evaluation, prevention and treatment of AKI in the crush victims of mass disasters. After the Marmara Earthquake, Dr. Sever has prepared the largest database on crush syndrome patients, which formed the basis for many scientific papers, almost all of which were the first and still the only papers on this subject. His book, “Crush Syndrome and Lessons Learned from the Marmara Earthquake" was published by Karger Publications of Switzerland in 2005.

Dr. Sever served as a disaster relief coordinator and field doctor in many disasters; such as the Marmara (1999) and Bingol (2003) earthquakes in Turkey, and Bam earthquake in Iran (2003). He was the leader of the third renal team of Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF) (Doctors Without Borders) when he went to Pakistan, for the Kashmir earthquake (2005), where he treated many crush victims. He also trained many local doctors both in Iran and Pakistan on crush syndrome.

Lastly, he went to Haiti in February 2010, after the earthquake that caused more than 200.000 deaths and 300.000 injured; he again, worked as a team leader of the Renal Disaster Relief Task Force (RDRTF) - MSF.

Dr. Sever serves as active members of the AKI commission of the ISN, RDRTF of the ISN, and as a volunteer for MSF.

He continues his work at Istanbul School of Medicine, Department of Nephrology, especially on the subjects of kidney patients during disasters and kidney transplantation.